Incoherent workshop rambling.

Soundcraft EPM6 power supply repair.

January 2023

Blackmagic web presenter power supply repair.

September 2022

BMW MINI 2001 pricing and options booklet scans.

January 2022

iFixit guide to replacing the ultrasonic motor in the Nikon 35mm f/1.8G.

December 2021

Fixing the tachometer LCD in a MINI (R50, 2001 MINI One).

November 2021

A word on DMX. Why do we need terminators anyway?

June 2021

My experience with the BK Precision 2709B multimeter - Four years and one spare part later.

April 2021

Repair of a TYT MD-380 DMR Radio - No more percussive maintenance.

July 2020

Repair of a Flip Ultra HD - Ten years late.

April 2020

Repair of a QTX DP4 Dimmer Pack - Dirty fluxing mess.

February 2020

Repair of a HK Audio Elias PX 115 Sub A - Nice product, easy repair and not worth the writeup.

December 2019

Repair of a Classenti CDP1 - Digital piano with weighted keys for £1.06.

April 2019

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