Not so much 'lab report', more 'workshop ramble'.

"The technical ability of a badger and the English of a five-year-old" - Anonymous

BMW MINI 2001 pricing and options booklet scans.

January 2022

iFixit guide to replacing the ultrasonic motor in the Nikon 35mm f/1.8G.

December 2021

Fixing the tachometer LCD in a MINI (R50, 2001 MINI One).

November 2021

A word on DMX. Why do we need terminators anyway?

June 2021

My experience with the BK Precision 2709B multimeter - Four years and one spare part later.

April 2021

Repair of a TYT MD-380 DMR Radio - No more percussive maintenance.

July 2020

Repair of a Flip Ultra HD - Ten years late.

April 2020

Repair of a QTX DP4 Dimmer Pack - Dirty fluxing mess.

February 2020

Repair of a HK Audio Elias PX 115 Sub A - Nice product, easy repair and not worth the writeup.

December 2019

Repair of a Classenti CDP1 - Digital piano with weighted keys for £1.06.

April 2019

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